About Us

We are a group of enthusiasts, problem solvers and catalysts for changes. We are dedicated in complex projects and program performances. Internationally we support the general managers and project managers of our clientele, from implementation of new organisations/management policies, to improving projects and engineering performances.


We are aware that our success now and in the future, relies on recruiting and building loyalty among the most suitable candidates.


Our approach to “Make it Simple, Make it Visible and Make it Happen” becomes a reality when passionate and innovative individuals become determined in making change in the project management space

What we are looking for

Ideally you are someone who can identify the fun factor within a complex challenging project environment. Someone who is motivated to strive for excellence with a passion to learn.

You will be part of a strong, dynamic team that can bring about change in today’s world. By joining Op2, you will be committed to collaborating with the client in building a solution that enables concrete and quantifiable results to be obtained.

Training, prerequisite knowledge and experience :

    • You have graduated with Bachelors or Masters level degree from a certified university and motivated by the business of consulting,
    • You possess relevant experience in either project management or the industries we cater to,
    • You are fluent in English as well as another language .


Op2 has offices in various parts of the world including Australia, Canada, China, France & Switzerland.