What we offer

Activities dedicated to your company’s efficiency

Op² can enhance your company’s performance by increasing the efficiency of your programmes and projects.

From corporate organisation to operational management of a project, including portfolio management, Op² provides assistance at every stage of your company’s value creation process.

Project Strategy & Organisation

Introducing a strong project strategy and a structured project team is the key to delivering projects on time and budget. Our Op2 consultants can support you in defining a project strategy and organisation aligned to your business goals by:

  • Assessing your current organisation’s governance, program and project management processes and their implementation
  • Formalising and implementing business processes to support your project execution
  • Bringing tools for the implementation of a strong project culture and environment
  • Designing and implementing a governance for effective communication and key decision making
  • Supporting organisational changes to improve project performance
  • Standardising development cycle and project phase

The added values are extensive and can be translated into:

  • Improved project performance thanks to strong project processes and project culture
  • Optimised resource utilisation thanks to an efficient project organisation and governance
  • Projects delivered with financial outcomes against as sold position
  • Established key liaisons between suppliers, engineering teams and clients to ensure on time delivery
  • Successful transfer of engineering activities, technology & manufacturing in best cost countries
  • Successfully established roadmaps to key acceptance processes to reduce risk projects for our clients

Project Portfolio & Program

Deciding on which projects to keep for your portfolio and program management is essential in evaluating your organisation’s potential for growth and how your resources can be optimised effectively. Our expertise within this area can help you in:

  • Analysing and structuring your product portfolio
  • Ensuring a link between strategic goals and product offering
  • Defining a product plan
  • Defining a management cycle for the product portfolio
  • Identifying and monitoring risks
  • Identifying and mobilising resources and skills

By analysing and structuring your project portfolio and program, Op2 consultants will continually collaborate with your organisation to ensure that:

  • Projects are aligned with the organisation strategy
  • Business is focused on projects with a high rate of success
  • Positive free cash flow, margin enhanced and risk provision are fully preserved
  • Resources are utilised through an integrated resource planning and control approach

Project Execution

Project execution is one of the most challenging phases of a project life cycle. Ensuring the project performance will come with a set of challenges that will be met from the setup and launch phases, all the way through to the design and realisation phases. Our Op2 consultants will support the successful and flawless execution of your project with:

  • A quick and efficient diagnosis of your project setup
  • A Project Planning and Control scheme aligned with key business targets
  • An effective Visual Management system to understand project progress and execute key decisions
  • A PMO (Project Management Office) to support your project management team and the execution of your project
  • PM specialists in complex projects to support high-level risk areas

Leading a strong execution will ensure that your project will gain:

  • Clear visibility and understanding on project goals, stakeholders and responsibilities
  • Tighter and refined controls on operational scheduling and budget management
  • Optimised reporting and KPI to identify and anticipate project slippage and risks
  • Success-oriented project team
  • Clear roadmap to achieve project key milestones
  • Project schedule supporting on-time delivery and stakeholder management
  • Execution of engineering phase supporting on time start of production phase as per contractual baseline