Project Strategy & Organisation


Introducing a strong project strategy and a structured project team is the key to delivering projects on time and budget. Our Op2 consultants can support you in defining a project strategy and organisation aligned to your business goals by: 

    • Assessing your current organisation’s governance, program and project management processes and their implementation 
    • Formalising and implementing business processes to support your project execution  
    • Bringing tools for the implementation of a strong project culture and environment   
    • Designing and implementing a governance for effective communication and key decision making
    • Supporting organisational changes to improve project performance
    • Standardising development cycle and project phase

The added values are extensive and can be translated into:

    • Improved project performance thanks to strong project processes and project culture
    • Optimised resource utilisation thanks to an efficient project organisation and governance
    • Projects delivered with financial outcomes against as sold position
    • Established key liaisons between suppliers, engineering teams and clients to ensure on time delivery
    • Successful transfer of engineering activities, technology & manufacturing in best cost countries
    • Successfully established roadmaps to key acceptance processes to reduce risk projects for our clients