Project Portfolio & Programs


Deciding on which projects to keep for your portfolio and program management is essential in evaluating your organisation’s potential for growth and how your resources can be optimised effectively. Our expertise within this area can help you in: 

    • Analysing and structuring your product portfolio
    • Ensuring a link between strategic goals and product offering
    • Defining a product plan
    • Defining a management cycle for the product portfolio
    • Identifying and monitoring risks
    • Identifying and mobilising resources and skills

By analysing and structuring your project portfolio and program, Op2 consultants will continually collaborate with your organisation to ensure that: 

    • Projects are aligned with the organisation strategy
    • Business is focused on projects with a high rate of success
    • Positive free cash flow, margin enhanced and risk provision are fully preserved
    • Resources are utilised through an integrated resource planning and control approach