How can we define governance for a complex programme?


In 2011, a global company, tire manufacturer and a world leader in its sector, launched a complex programme that called on all the activities of the company: Offers, Engineering, Purchasing, Methods and Production.


Within a month a governance system was put in place but it met with various difficulties due to the highly variable culture of project management.


This client requested our assistance in realigning the governance programme and getting back on track. One of our first observations was that reporting procedures did not follow a standard protocol, especially when it came to updates.

Op² Catalyst for change

Our aim was to implement a structured and unified governance system for the programme. First of all, we brought all indicators into line by prioritising an efficient approach that was easy to use and based on single sources.


To guarantee optimised sharing of information, we defined update cycles for reports and indicators, for the benefit of formalised decision-making processes that functions based on the principle of a “standard week “. 

Last but not least, we coached the operational teams to encourage decision making and feedback to the Programme Management Team.

Result of the catalyst for change

Since our assignment, the programme management team for the group has had access to a reporting dashboard. Information sharing processes were “switched on” with a duty of rigorous follow-up. Regular progress assessments have facilitated decision making with the best possible timing and prevent drifting.