Expertise et impact

For over ten years, Op² consultants have been assisting, in France and abroad, General Management and Project Management teams in organisation implementation and management practices leading to improved performance in projects and engineering.


Do you want to:

• Reduce development times and improve Time to Market?

• Reduce your costs, apply Design to Cost?

• Improve the quality of your products, your projects and supplier relationships?

• Improve your view of the market situation of your projects?

• Develop high-level operational skills for project management?

• Choose an IT system for your projects?


Always at the heart of success and performance in programmes & projects, Op² supports its clients throughout the value chain. From innovation to core businesses support, including specifications, architectural expertise, development and industrialisation, Op² can identify your leverage for progress and performance.


Known for their pragmatism, Op² consultants can help you return to the basics, guarantors for success.



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